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Gothica - Isle Mystique

Come to the place where dreams and nightmares can both come true! Dance the night away to Hard Rock in the graveyard or tavern! Stroll through the amazing castle and shop for your favorite items from a varity of quality vendors.
Explore the area with your friends to see all that rests in the haunted graveyard, and then stop in at the Gothic Restaurant to enjoy the chilling cuisine and have a drink.
Don't forget to click/touch the items you pass by. Some are interactive and might surprise you, always guaranteed to have fun. Also, many of the decorations you see are for sale, so if you like one, take it home with you for a relatively cheap cost.
The Dark Side comes alive here for you - make sure to set your sun to midnight to enjoy the full effect!
A Gothic Chapel is available for your wedding or other event!

Select Rental spaces available in the Castle mall.

Gothica (LM/TP)

Gothic/Vampyr Theme Park
Gothic Chapel/Temple
Haunted Cemeteries
Undergound Crypt
Gothic Castle Mall


Garygole Inn- resturaunt - bar - rooms to rent by the hour, all with sex beds!

Gargoyle Inn (LM/TP)

If you are interested in renting this area in Gothica for a special event, such as parties, weddings, receptions, etc., here is the information.

Gothic Chapel/Temple Rental Only:
1 hour = $500L
2 hours = $900L
3 hours = $1500L

Gothic Temple, Amusement Park, and Bloody Resturant package:
1 hour = $1500L
2 hours = $2500L
3 hours = $4000L
We will provide staff for your event who will ensure that only members of your party are admitted. For weddings, you must provide your own pose balls for the ceremony.


Come dance to rock and roll either in the vampyr tavern, or on the crypt's roof. Inside the crypt, watch one of over 68 movies, or 48 Adult (XXX) movies for free, or while dancing on the dance tables or poles provided for the general public. Sit by the bonfire, or shoot a game of pool. Tarot card readings, fortune telling, predictions and more. Timmy the bartender awaits your visit to serve you. Or refresh yourself from the punch bowl of oxygenated blood. Get free lindens and try your luck at the claw. A great place for you and many friends to enjoy!

Gothica Mystique Tavern (LM/TP)

To rent this area, or if you have any questions, please IM any of the following in world:
Ekaterina Visconti
Etude Redgrave
Kylill Nasu
Yaris Daviau
Carlotta Burks


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